The Hyogo Prefecture Tenobe Somen Cooperative Association produces and sells “Ibo-no-ito” hand-pulled somen.

It is the largest producer of hand-pulled somen in Japan, and is an association of 400 producers.


We have a sales system that includes the purchase of raw materials, development of product branding, and delivery to consumers from distributors nationwide.

Under the slogan of “Creating and Passing on a Rich Spirit,” we are working to pass on tradition and take on the challenge of new manufacturing.

Our directly-managed factories have acquired FSSC22000 certification, an international accreditation standard, and we focus on manufacturing processes, quality, and safety management to ensure safe and reliable products.

In terms of the quality of our products, we are particular about the flour we use as raw material and purchase flour that has a good balance between rich flavor and our unique hand-pulling method.

All the products made by our craftsmen with great care, following the traditional method for about 600 years, are graded and inspected by our inspectors, and all the products are stored in our warehouse for traceability.

In recent years, we have been participating in exhibitions to promote our somen culture to the rest of the world.

Company name
Hyogo Prefecture Tenobe Somen Cooperative Association
Zip Code
219-2 Tominaga Tatsuno-cho Tatsuno-shi Hyogo
Representative Name
Takeshi Inoue
Phone number