Banshu is one of the leading dry noodle producing areas in Japan.

The Banshu region is blessed with high quality wheat, the clear water of the Ibo River, and salt from Ako. And the climate is ideal for making dried noodles. That’s why Banshu is famous for dry noodle production.

The production of somen began to flourish around the middle of the Edo period. The entire process was done by hand until the early Showa period.

Dried noodle production began in the Meiji era (1868-1912) with the aim of mass production, quality uniformity, and cost reduction, starting with "hand-pulled somen," which had long been popular in the Banshu region.

In addition to the climatic and geographical conditions suitable for noodle making, the noodles are produced throughout the year in factories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that have established innovative noodle making methods in recent years and have met advanced international standards.

Banshu-kanmen, with its high quality and unique taste, is shipped nationwide along with Banshu tenobe somen.

Wheat flour × Saline

This flour is specially designed for dried noodles.

Knead machine

Knead the flour and salt water well.

Composite machine

The kneaded dough is stretched into strips by a machine.

Noodle Making machine

The machine gradually stretches the noodles.
There are several steps in this process, and the noodles are stretched to the thinness of the noodles you are used to eating.

Dry the noodles

Noodles are dried in a fully temperature and humidity controlled drying room.

Cut the noodles

The dried noodles are then cut into pieces.
The length of the cut is generally about 19 cm.
Both ends of the noodle are called bachi.It is delicious when eaten in miso soup or soup stock.

Bind the noodles

Bind the cut noodles.
One bunch weighs about 50 grams.
One serving is about two bunches.(about 100 grams)です。


After binding, the product enters the packaging process.
Normally, each bag is enclosed in 250g to 1kg.


After being stored and matured for a certain period of time, they are shipped nationwide.