We have been engaged in wheat and flour related business since our establishment in 1934.

Since the start of machine-made dried noodle production in 1937, we have always been involved in noodle making and flour-related businesses.

We are proud to say that we know the properties of flour very well.

We use carefully selected, high-quality flour and produce it in the traditional way.

We only commercialize products that we feel are delicious to eat.

Our company has been involved in flour-related businesses since its inception, drawing on our experience in flour milling, noodle making (hand-rolled, machine, frozen, and instant noodles), and wheat starch protein manufacturing.

We are able to conduct our own raw material and product analysis. We are always trying to provide delicious products and products that our customers want.

Company name
Yokoo syouten CO., LTD.
Zip Code
438-1 Daijyuuji Kamioka-cho Tatsuno-shi Hyogo
Representative Name
Masanori Yokoo
Phone number