Social Media Policy

[Basic Policy]

In the use of social media, we will conduct activities in compliance with corporate ethics and laws.

[Account Management]

The social media accounts we operate are as follows

Facebook B.N.E.A. Facebook Page

Twitter B.N.E.A.

YouTube B.N.E.A. Channel

[Social Media Preparedness]

The council is fully aware of its responsibilities and the impact of disseminating information on social media, and will use social media with the following points in mind. We will act appropriately as a member of society, based on compliance with domestic and international laws and regulations, proper corporate ethics, and fair, transparent, and free competition. We will promote two-way communication with society, valuing the process of dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders regarding information needed by society, listening to diverse opinions and negative information, and responding sincerely and proactively.
When collecting information, we will do so in a fair and appropriate manner using legitimate means, and will strive to maintain the confidentiality of confidential customer information and personal information. We understand that once information is transmitted, it spreads to an unspecified number of users and cannot be completely deleted, and we will strive to transmit information in a manner that does not cause misunderstanding.

[To all readers of social media]

The information we post on social media is done so with an emphasis on immediacy and timeliness, and does not necessarily represent our official announcements or views. Please refer to our website and news releases for our official announcements and views.

  • Posts related to religion or ideology.
  • Posts that infringe on the rights (copyright/trademark rights/portrait rights, etc.) or privacy of others.
  • Posts that make other users feel uncomfortable (e.g., discriminatory, obscene/violent/cruel expressions, etc.).
  • Writings that may cause slander or reputational damage, or that are offensive to public order and morals.
  • Writings for the purpose of advertising/profit-making/solicitation, etc. for oneself or a third party.
  • Writing that speaks the name of another person, or writing that is judged to be an act of "spoofing".
  • Any posts that interfere with the operation of the site, cause trouble to others, or are unrelated to the site.
  • Posting or transmitting harmful computer programs, etc.
  • Postings that are deemed to be in violation of the terms of use of various social media.

[When deleting / hiding posts]

If we determine that the following deletions apply to our various social media accounts, we may delete or hide the relevant posts.

When we collect personal information from customers in the planning of campaigns, we will manage and protect it appropriately based on our personal information protection policy.

For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the following.

Company name: Banshu Noodle Export Association

E-mail address: