We have deeply engaged with Hyogo Prefecture Tatsuno City’s regional industry, Handmade somen and soy sauce manufacture, and continue looking to further expend the brand through our company activity.

Have been in business for 130 years.

Since 1892, Our company started.

We had been the exclusive agents of the brand “Ibonoito”, distributing somen, hiyamugi, udon, Chinese noodles, Pasta, noodles sauces.

Providing varieties product form gift to personal use goods.

We had export experiences with different regions, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Dubai, our staff with well-versed on trading business skill are ready to respond any trading requires.

Ibonoito is a well-established brand in Japan, with over 600 years history.

The brand proudly kept the traditional handmade process passed down through history, spending 2 days processing 11 different steps, keep providing the best quality noodles from Harima Province.

Somen have been a summer tradition dish of Japan culture with a long history.

To share the delicious and delicate food culture of somen to over sea.

As the top selling brand of somen, Ibonoito had approached Asia region to expand interest in the past few years, with the success in Asia, we are looking for exclusive agents form other continent.

Hoping to share the still undiscover Japan eating culture to the world.

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50 Doumoto Tatsuno-cho Tatsuno-shi Hyogo
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Shinya Takata
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