We are trying to develop new products while keeping the tradition of Banshu Somen alive.

As a craft dried noodle manufacturer that develops products that are not only delicious and safe, but also “fun and interesting,” we deliver products that bring smiles to our customers’ faces.

The message is printed on the product.

In addition to the “texture” and “taste” of dried noodles, we strive to create products with originality that only Moriguchi Flour Milling can provide.

Banshu noodles makes you happy!

Please come and visit our city, Tatsuno City!

We at Moriguchi Flour Milling have been making noodles in Tatsuno, Banshu for 150 years since our establishment.

Thanks to the tradition of Banshu dry noodles nurtured by the mild climate and rich natural environment, we will continue to produce safe and delicious dry noodles.

Company name
Moriguchi Seifun Seimen CO., LTD.
Zip Code
173 Yokouchi Kamioka-cho Tatsuno-shi Hyogo
Representative Name
Masahiro Moriguchi
Phone number