In 1951, we began manufacturing wheat flour and dried noodles as Shingu Flour Milling, and in 1994, we built a dried noodle factory and established Harima Noodle Co.

We have the knowledge that only a flour mill manufacturer can provide. We also have our own unique manufacturing method, the boiling water kneading method.

Banshu Unsalted Somen and Banshu Unsalted Udon are made only from Japanese wheat and kneaded with boiling water only, without using any salt.

Although it is unsalted, it has a soft elasticity and a smooth texture, and you can taste the original flavor of wheat.

Our dried noodles are free of allergens other than wheat (no worries about buckwheat allergies).
By acquiring FSSC22000 certification, we are working to make our products even safer and more reliable.

To ensure the stable production of quality products, we have installed a flow jetter mixing system and an automatic controlled drying system.

Flow Jetter Mixer The flow jetter mixer is capable of instantaneous and uniform watering of flour, and is equipped with a boiling water supply device, making it possible to produce our unique salt-free dried noodles.

Our mission is to pursue and deliver true deliciousness by focusing on raw materials and manufacturing methods. And when we see our customers’ smiles and When we see the smiles on our customers’ faces and the joy in their voices, we feel that we have done a good job.

To achieve this goal, we conduct thorough quality control, challenge new raw materials, and develop products that will please our customers.

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410 Shingu, Shingu-Cho, Tatsuno-Shi, Hyogo
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Motohiko Kanno
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