Food Japan 2023 Report🍜

Food Japan 2023 was held at Suntec Singapore on October 11 (Wed), 12 (Thu), and 13 (Fri), 2023.

Thank you very much for the many visitors❣.

This was the second time for the B.N.E.A. to participate in this exhibition, and it was an important overseas exhibition to promote Banshu dried noodles and expand business with overseas countries, as we did last year.

This is the B.N.E.A. booth. Products and displays will be brought in beforehand.

This is a meeting before the venue.

Each company reconfirms its business meeting schedule and confirms tasting operations, etc.

Although many overseas buyers come to exhibitions held in Japan, there are also many buyers who have not come to Japan for Food Japan 2023.

The B.N.E.A. as a whole is gradually increasing overseas transactions, but the volume and value of transactions need to be expanded.

Each company will brush up their PR materials and product explanations for overseas buyers before the exhibition.

Our hometown, Himeji City in Hyogo Prefecture, is also participating in Food Japan 2023.

Himeji City is working to promote industry in the Banshu region by enhancing the image of the region and supporting the expansion of sales channels for local products.

The mayor of Himeji also stopped by our booth.


Greetings & information exchange with the Ambassador of Japan to Singapore.


We received many business inquiries from various companies.

We will now return to Japan and continue to conduct specific business negotiations.

We would like to thank all the buyers who visited our booth and look forward to working with you in the future!