FOODEX JAPAN 2024 Report 🍜

We exhibited at FOODEX JAPAN 2024 held at Tokyo Big Sight for four days from March 11 (Tue.) to 14 (Fri.).

According to official figures, the number of visitors this year was as follows. ( ) is in comparison with the previous year

March 5 (Tue.) Weather: Cloudy, rainy later 17,702 (17,460)
March 6 (Wed.) Weather: cloudy after rain 21,723 (21,042)
March 7 (Thu) Weather: Cloudy, partly sunny 20,503 (19,323)
March 8 (Fri.) Weather: rainy, then sunny 16,255 (15,964)

Total 76,183 (73,789)

The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors, with 2,879 exhibitors from 68 countries and regions around the world.

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This year, five companies were selected from among the 10 council member companies to exhibit.

The booths were compact, as they were only five companies, and the lineup centered on popular products from each company and new products for overseas export.

Some of our French clients also stopped by.

Overall, most of the visitors were from Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea, but there were also buyers from Singapore and the Middle East.

With so many visitors and appointments made in advance, we believe we were able to conduct efficient business negotiations.

The FOODEX JAPAN 2024 exhibition was the last event of the 2023 fiscal year, and we will focus on creating contents to promote Banshu dried noodles on the Internet and sending out information to target export countries (the U.S., China, East Asia, etc.) in order to expand exports of Banshu dried noodles in the next fiscal year.