Thank you for your support in 2023. Here is a look back at the Council’s year 🍜

In March, we exhibited at FOODEX JAPAN 2023.

FOODEX JAPAN 2023, Asia’s largest food and beverage exhibition, was held at Tokyo Big Sight.

This was the fourth time for the Council to participate in the exhibition.


In June, the Council participated in the 7th “Japanese Food” Export Expo.

This was also held at Tokyo Big Sight.

The government’s policy to promote Japanese food overseas is becoming more widespread, and we felt that many of the business negotiations were more precise than in the past.


In September, a seminar to promote export of Banshu dried noodles was held for the council members.

The seminar was attended by people from trading companies actually doing business overseas and people from the Hyogo Prefectural Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, with the aim of learning about the global Japanese food market and Hyogo Prefecture’s efforts in this area and applying this information to future activities to export overseas.


In October, we exhibited at Food Japan 2023 in Singapore.

This was the second time for us to exhibit overseas, following last year.


Next year, we are scheduled to exhibit at FOODEX JAPAN 2024 in March.

In 2024, the activities of the Banshu Dried Noodle Export Expansion Council will finally enter its fourth year.

We will continue to promote Banshu dried noodles through new products and new ways of eating dried noodles, so please look forward to next year’s event.